We have started a blog!

Since 2019 we have tracked over 400 different devices modem capabilities on our site. This includes Carrier Aggregation and Dual Connectivity combinations, MIMO and modulation support.

This new blog will allow us to make more content:

  • Sharing updates about cacombos progress. New features etc…
  • Publish articles about new phone modems
  • Comparing between devices
  • More instructions to collect modem log data

To follow our blog, you can just add the RSS Feed to your RSS Feed program and follow us on Twitter too.

If you have any ideas for new article, please submit issue via Github

Frontend is OpenSource

Our frontend is now OpenSource! It’s now available via Github. To help us develop our site better, you can fork our repository to improve our site. If you have any request to us about frontend UI, please submit Issue.

2021 Roadmap

Our major 2021 roadmap is new backend API. This API will be also OpenSource and will be available via Github.