Convert QMDL or DLF file to PCAP to read with Wireshark

The Qualcomm log files qmdl, qmdl2 and dlf can be converted to pcap file to read with free Wireshark program. This helps you to read mobile network signaling without any special tool from Qualcomm. This instruction doesn’t work with new qdss format used in 2021 and newer Qualcomm devices.


This is program to convert qmdl, qmdl2 and dlf file to pcap file. This program requires python to be installed to your local computer.

Install to Debian/Ubuntu

Install some packages from package manager and clone scat from Github

sudo apt-get install git python3-usb python3-serial
git clone
cd scat

Install to MacOS

Run these commands in MacOS terminal.

curl -o
python3 -m pip install pysub
python3 -m pip install pyserial
python3 -m pip install libusb
git clone
cd scat

Install to Windows

Install Python from Windows Store and Git

Open PowerShell with Administrator and install some python packages and clone repository.

cd C:
pip install pysub
pip install pyserial
pip3 install pyusb
pip3 install pyserial
git clone
cd scat

Run Scat to convert qmdl to pcap

Run command below to convert log.qmdl to log.pcap file. Then you can open it via Wireshark.

python ./ -t qc -d log.qmdl -F log.pcap


python3 ./ -t qc -d log.qmdl -F log.pcap


  • -t Type. Use qc
  • -d Dump file
  • -F PCAP file